Cavicchioli has been making wine with the most respect and pleasure for over 80 years.

Dal 1928 la famiglia Cavicchioli riveste di tecnica raffinata un modo antico di fare buon vino. Sintesi di un'epopea del vino emiliano, da saga famigliare a grande realtà.

At the end of the 1920s, Italy became aware of its immense archaeological treasures, stunning landscapes and endless potential for a new business: tourism. This unique heritage in the world also includes native grape varieties that fill the vineyards of Italy with colour.


At the same time, in San Prospero, a village near Modena, a man with a passion for his land, steeped in beauty and history like most areas of Italy, transformed the workshop behind his house into a wine cellar. He was the first person in the area to press Lambrusco grapes, leave the grape must to ferment in barrels and then bottle it when the moon was “right”. This man, Umberto Cavicchioli, wanted to give his Lambrusco di Sorbara a symbolic name: Tradition.

It all officially started on 6 April 1928, and it was just the beginning. Over the years, the family grew, the workload increased and his sons Umberto, Franco, Romano and Piergiorgio also helped with what had by now become a company. Cavicchioli expanded, along with the rest of Italy. The 1950s were characterised by reconstruction. Italy, poor but always beautiful, gambled with its creativity and won. The 1960s arrived along with cars, even though a Lambretta scooter was more often used for getting about. It was used, for instance, for the six-kilometre journey from San Prospero, where Cavicchioli bottled its wine, to Bomporto, the hamlet of Sorbara, where grapes were processed in a new building in a central position on the estate. Bomporto and the family became even closer.


In 1964, while young Gigliola Cinquetti won the Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Non ho l’età” (I’m not old enough), Umberto decided that his sons were the right age to inherit the company. They expanded the distribution network throughout the country. On the threshold of the 1970s, when the desire for freedom and transgression arrived from abroad, the company was exporting Lambrusco Cavicchioli, which represented freedom and tradition.


Then years of strong expansion in distribution followed, until it was time to let the new generations, grandsons Umberto, Sandro and Claudio, run the business. The style and name of Cavicchioli became an increasingly important benchmark in the Lambrusco of Modena area. Today, Cantine Cavicchioli can rightly claim to represent a legendary wine from Emilia-Romagna, having expanded from a family business to a wine-producing company and achieved a position among leading Italian brands.

Cavicchioli is proudly Lambrusco. When wine becomes a pleasure.

Growing up near a river means growing up with the idea of “movement”. Water on the move, goods on the move, and people on the move. On the lower Modena plain, very close to the Secchia and Panaro rivers, wine known as Lambrusco is also on the move. Back in 1928, the Cavicchioli family began to make this wine “move”. This typical family from Modena, by nature and not only by name, promotes the modern value of this unique wine all on its own. It all began in San Prospero, in the province of Modena, in a rich and fertile land in the heart of the Po Valley plain. In the shadow of the symbols of Modena, the Duomo (cathedral), Saint Geminianus and the Ghirlandina bell tower, many beautiful and important things were created, including Lambrusco and Lambrusco Cavicchioli.


The history of Cantine Cavicchioli has been moulded on the local geographical area. When everything is on the move around here, everything progresses while following traditions, those that have made the style of the Cavicchioli family unmistakable over time.


The Cavicchioli vineyards extend for over 90 hectares, close to the wineries in the Sorbara and neighbouring area, as well as the DOC area between the Secchia and Panaro rivers. The wine cellar, where production and bottling take place, has always been located in San Prospero and has never moved, however, it has moved ahead in terms of its state-of-the-art technological tools. The company’s ongoing goal is always the same: to make high-quality Lambrusco while looking ahead and combining sophisticated techniques with ancient inherited traditions in order to make good wine. The family is very important. The Cavicchioli brothers, Claudio and Sandro, grandsons of the founder Umberto who led the company for many years, are creative businessmen and geniuses from Emilia-Romagna. They have produced a red Lambrusco that is on a par with the red Ferrari.