The historic winery

Our elegant and authentic Lambrusco
arises straight from the finest Emilia tradition



A timeless passion,
a history spanning
almost 100 years.

Our story has its origins in Sorbara, a small town in the heart of Emilia, made famous by its Lambrusco DOC varietals and the birth of Cantine Cavicchioli. A land where the finest grapes are not simply turned into wine, but into the excellence of Emilia.

A place where Umberto Cavicchioli started a story of passion for winegrowing that, from generation to generation, has turned into a great entrepreneurial success story, becoming a landmark in the world of Lambrusco from Modena. Today, as it was then, the wines of Cantine Cavicchioli reflect the character of the place where they originate and of those who created them: they are wines that fill the glass with a cheerful froth, created by the most attentive oenologists, perfect for all those moments when the heart beats a little faster.

This is how
we became
a milestone
in the world
of Lambrusco.